Reiki healing prenatally and postpartum.

I just had to share this article as it explains so well why Reiki is so good for us during pregnancy and postnatally too…

Reiki Healing Prenatally and Postpartum – Monthly Article – quoted from

“Reiki? You mean where someone lays their hands on your body and channels energy to make you feel better? Yeah, I’ve heard of it, but have no clue what it is.” Most folks interested in a holistic approach to health have heard of Reiki. Few have actually experienced it and even less can explain how it works.

In a nutshell Reiki is a simple, non-invasive, holistic healing modality where the practitioner channels energy to help heal the body. The channeled energy comes from Universal Energy, that exists around all living beings and objects. What is Universal Energy you ask? It’s similar to holding your palms about a half inch apart from each other and feeling that fuzzy warmth between them – that is Universal Energy. It’s all around us.

Reiki healing takes place on physical, spiritual and energetic levels by balancing the natural energy of the body. Pregnant and postpartum women have found Reiki useful for everything from relieving day to day stresses to turning a baby as delivery nears. 

Reiki can be used to achieve whole body relaxation as it removes blockages, allowing energy to flow unhindered and helping pregnant moms cope with their ever-changing bodies. Having opened the energy channels of the body you won’t hold onto things like stress, muscle knots and toxins. Plus, one of the secret added benefits of Reiki is that it leaves mom with more energy than when she arrived – always a nice bonus.

A recent study at The Hartford Hospital in Connecticut showed that Reiki used during pregnancy on a regular basis reduced stress and anxiety by 94%, pain during pregnancy by 78% and nausea and morning sickness by 80% after Reiki sessions. The study also showed that a woman’s quality of sleep was improved by 86% when Reiki sessions were included during pregnancy. 

Unlike massage, mothers-to-be don’t have to be cautious when using Reiki while pregnant. The only precaution is that, as the pregnancy goes on, mom may have to sit in a chair or lay on her side rather than on the back. Treatment may also be shorter if mama is uncomfortable laying still for that long.

As we all know, an unborn child shares her emotional state with her mother. There is no better time than during pregnancy to experience the benefits of Reiki, both for you and your baby. The state of overall wellness that is passed from mom to baby helps nurture baby in the womb, during labor and after birth.

After birth, postpartum, Reiki can be used to accelerate the natural healing process as well as provide relief and comfort to physical aches and pains. Baby can still participate in the session, with mom holding her new baby or lying next to her.

Thinking about trying Reiki and wondering what your first appointment will be like? Generally, you can expect the Reiki practitioner to sit down with you to discuss your reasons for being there and ask what your intentions are. He or she will ask you to lay on their massage table, fully clothed with your shoes off. The practitioner may place their hands on your body over your clothes or may hold his or her hands a few inches from your body using gentle hand movements to channel energy. Either way, the vital energy force will be channeled through the practitioner to your energy field.

“Reiki is a wonderful way for women to nurture themselves and their babies during and after pregnancy.  Giving and receiving Reiki is having the experience of loving and being loved unconditionally.  Children thrive on love.  It allows them to experience their full potential.  The same is true for mamas and papas!”  Molly Fitzpatrick, practitioner and teacher of Reiki at  Transformational Medicine, Portland, OR.