Womb Healing Treatments

Birth trauma can occur any time you felt you were not heard or supported in your choices during your labour and birth experience or if birth happened in an unexpected way that you weren’t mentally, emotionally or physically prepared for.

Birth trauma often coincides with feelings of losing  control over your body, your baby and ultimately, your birth experience.

Here are some  common circumstances that can lead to feelings ranging from dissatisfaction all the way to feeling completely traumatised:

*Lengthy labour or short and very painful labour


*Poor pain relief

*Medical interventions

* Emergency deliveries: e.g. emergency caesarean section birth, forcepts or vaccum delivery

*Manual removal of placenta

*Lack of information/ explanation/ consent

*Lack of privacy and dignity


*Birth of an injured  baby – a disability resulting from birth trauma

*Baby’s stay in a neonatal unit

*Previous history of trauma * this could include your own birth experience*

*Feeling loss of control

*Feelings of shame/ disappointment that your body didn’t birth naturally or as you expected.

*Impersonal treatment or problems with medical staff’s attitudes

*Not being listened to

*Fear for baby’s well-being

*Poor postnatal care

What’s important to remember is that your feelings surrounding your experience are valid no matter how your birth occurred. This point is worth repeating! If you are feeling stuck, hurt, sad, angry or unable to process the experience, you deserve to do this work for yourself and your baby.

At Reiki Babies, we  offer 1-2-1 sessions for healing trauma around birth. The healing carries many facets and can deal with issues such as: fear right from the time you were conceived and growing in the womb, any issues you may have before and after giving birth, infertility, miscarriage or when you have experienced the painful loss of a child.
The healing that Caroline and Marisa provide is really transformative and guides with sensitivity, strength and compassion, allowing you the time and space to just be and start understanding your needs at a very gentle and loving pace……Your pace………So very gentle…………So very loving…………Empowering You……Allowing you to feel safe……..To feel supported, Nurtured…….a time for you to allow your self to be cradled with love and compassion.
For more details or to book your private session please contact either caroline@ascendingangels.com or marisa@reikibabies.co.uk.