Training & Classes

Reiki Babies offers a variety of training sessions and classes to empower you as parents.

As experienced KG Hypnobirthing Teachers both Caroline and Marisa offer new parents-to-be training that is personalised to you.

Caroline also offers Reiki training sessions so that Dad can support Mum during pregnancy and in labour too. Giving Mums and Dads a Reiki attunement and learning about Reiki as it is a fantastic tool in supporting yourself and your baby, you can lay your hands on your baby to soothe him and give him healing and this can also be done remotely.

These training course are about you, helping you process how you’re doing, feeling supported and easing any worries or anxieties you may be experiencing.

We focus on bonding with your baby, releasing fears and anxieties around childbirth, preparing you and baby for labour and if your birthing partner is also attending the class we explore how you can be supported during labour and those early days following babies arrival too.

For mamas, papas and babies we also focus on bonding with your baby, releasing any postnatal anxieties and trauma around baby’s birth and help you to relax into mama/papa hood, sharing tips and mindfulness techniques on supporting yourself, your baby and your  family as a whole.

These courses help to increase your trust in your intuition and your connection with your baby. And then of course the BIG BONUS is that you can now give healing energy to yourself!

For new mums it helps bring the hormones back into balance and can help relieve post natal depression too, if your partner joins the course they can then get involved with giving you and the baby healing so it’s helps strengthen the family as a whole.

It’s awesome stuff!

Please contact us on for more information or to book your private one-to-one sessions.