Reiki Sense – Sensory Relaxation for Mum & Baby

Perfect for mums and babies, this relaxing mindful class focuses on exploring mindfulness techniques in order for mum to relax and enhance her natural bond with her baby.  

A relaxing mummy as baby plays.

Combining this nurturing experience with exploring sensory developmental play with baby so that both mum and baby enjoy a playful, supportive and relaxing session.

And, of course, receive some fabulous Reiki healing energy for yourself, to really recharge, rebalance and boost your confidence in your natural intuitive self.

Run by Reiki Babies Coach Marisa Bailey & Cheryl Rudgyard – who bring a naturally healing and gentle nurturing space to ease anxieties, release tension and build confidence in your intuitive connection with your baby.  

‘My little lady and I loved this class.  Calm atmosphere and easy to chat to each other, as well as feeling the fantastic benefits of Reiki. Thank you x’

‘Finley and I have been going to Reiki babies for 4 weeks now and absolutely love it. As a new Mum I find it a safe and welcoming space to talk about any concerns / dramas I’ve had that week and the support I get and the benefit of reiki healing is fantastic.. finley has been suffering from colic and reflux which is very unsettling for him (and me) however after our sessions we both come out of this class feeling a lot lighter than when we walk in. Thank you’

Me and Aoife want to say a very big thank you for our mama relaxation natural healing course last year. We loved our Friday afternoons being able to escape and relax. Was so precious to be able to spend time bonding without distractions in a warm and very friendly atmosphere! highly recommend!

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