Diary of Events

Baby Massage & Mummy Meditation Course

Combining the techniques of baby massage with a gentle touch approach to give baby a wonderfully relaxing experience.

Once the massage is complete, mums are then invited to sit or lay next to baby and be guided through a ‘Mummy Meditation’ a mindful Reiki relaxation experience so that both mum and baby leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and nurtured.

Learn baby massage skills as well as how to relax yourself and feel calm in any situation.

This gentle supportive course helps mums through those precious early weeks and months, helping to balance hormones, relieve anxiety and worries so that mum can recognise her unique bond with her baby, strengthening their beautiful love connection.

With the meditative relaxation experience mums can recognise the power of their intuition and how they intuitively understand their baby.  With the power of touch through the gentle baby massage, both mum and baby relaxes as their bodies release oxytocin and their love bond grows.

Such a beautiful, supportive experience in a home from home setting. With a maximum of 6 mums and babies this is a personalised and gentle class.

Suitable for mums with babies from 10 days until crawling.  Oil, towels and equipment provided.

Venue :- Rainham, Gillingham, Kent.

Weekly classes commencing on:-

Date – Friday 13 September 2019  to Friday 11 October 2019

Weekly time – 10.30am – 11.30am 

Investment – £40



Mum & baby Relaxation course

Join our Mum & Baby Relaxation Classes (term time only).  

This course of 5 weekly classes are a space for you to feel supported on your journey as a mum, helping to ease worries, anxieties and strengthening your natural bond with your baby/children in a gentle, nurturing and empowering environment.  

With tips, techniques and mindfulness tools on how to calm, balance and relax, connecting with natural healing energy for yourself and your family.   We also explore how we can support ourselves and our family, from how to help our children feel safe, sleep worries and for babies using the energy to help settle baby, ease colic or wind discomfort and bring relief to other ailments as well as helping you to trust your intuition more.  

And, of course, receive some fabulous Reiki healing energy for yourself, to really recharge, rebalance and boost your confidence in your natural intuitive self.  

You can also learn baby massage as an add on to the Relaxation course. These sessions commence 30 minutes prior to the Relaxation class and then naturally lead into the Relaxation classes.

There is an additional fee of £20 for the baby massage training sessions.

Venue :- Rainham, Gillingham, Kent.

Weekly classes commencing on:-

Date – Friday 13 September 2019  to Friday 11 October 2019

Weekly time – 1pm – 2.30pm 

Investment – £60 (£80 to include baby massage add on sessions)



REIKI level one for parents – TRAINING WORKSHOP

This is a special Reiki Level One training workshop for pregnant mums, mums or dads and babies and mums or dads with older children to learn Reiki.  

This workshop will focus on both giving yourself Reiki to support yourself as well as how to give Reiki to your baby and tips and advice on how to support and bring Reiki healing to older children too.

This workshop is personalised for mums and dads to explore how Reiki can help support the family especially for connecting and bringing a nurturing healing experience to children.

Mums and dads with little ones 6 months or under are invited to bring their babies yet we suggest mums and dads with older children to bring a teddy or similar to use as a connection to their child or children so we can explore sending healing energy distantly too.

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience and learn the basics of Reiki.  Explore your own unique healing gifts in a safe, encouraging space so that you’ll be able to channel this empowering healing light to yourself, your children, your friends and other family members. To empower and encourage deep self-healing.

Venue :- Rainham, Gillingham, Kent.

Date: TBC

Time: 10am to 2pm (please bring lunch and snacks)

Investment: £95 per person.

Reiki babies summer celebration – 2020

Date: TBC

Time: TBC

This gentle afternoon event (with cake) will be to celebrate our Reiki Babies and their amazing Mamas & Papas!  

We are opening this afternoon celebrations to all mamas and papas with little ones or who are pregnant who would like to experience a taster of the Reiki Babies energy.  

Talk to our Reiki Babies mamas and hear how they have felt supported, nurtured and empowered from our weekly classes and workshops.  

There is a limit of 12 spaces to this free event, if you would like to attend please do contact us to book your space.  

Also, did I mention there will be cake!! 🙂